From A Few Dozen Vapor Flavors To A Few Thousand More?

Who knows, that point of sales will eventually be reached some day. Perhaps even soon, in your own lifetime. That’s the great thing about this world we live in today, from all the different cultures around, far and wide; there are thousands of flavors to sample. It’s party time for you if you happen to be a vaping junkie. Because by now you probably know that there are plenty much vapor flavors for sale online for you right now.

You might already be used to a few dozen more by now. Part of your fanatical interest in vaping is to sample as many flavors as you possibly can. But afraid to be saying this at this point in time, you will need a few more lifetimes before you are able to work your way through a few hundred more flavors. You can huff and puff your way through each pipe flavor, kingdoms will have come and gone and you will still be there in the morning puffing and chugging your way through another flavor.

vapor flavors for sale

It does not matter how many more hours or weeks vaping adds to your life, you are still human and you will only be living for just so long. You see, the first moment you opened your eyes, the timer on your clock was already set. But had you continued with that dangerous habit of tobacco smoking and never taken up vaping, your biological body clock would have stopped after your heat skipped one too many beats and the coils on your clock simply went haywire.

So, start the clock now. For the record books, there must be at least a few hundred vapor flavors for sale by now, and that’s for millions more who decided to kick that other habit.