undercover clothes

Stylish, Fashionable, and Protected

Posted on May 10, 2018

Although it is a statistical reality that violent crime is on a trend downwards, there are still places that are safer than others. Various cities and states have differing laws on who can carry a firearm and where, but the general rule is that the 2nd amendment applies to the whole country and every citizen is entitled to the right to have a gun on their person. However, it is not something that needs to be broadcast to the world.

Clothing now exists in the market where a person can conceal a weapon on them without it being obviously noticeable to another person. It beats having to carry around a bulky holster where both the straps and the holders can give the appearance of a bulge beneath the arms and around the chest area. Many of these forms of clothes have tightly fitted compartments, providing easy access and retrieval for a firearm. The pocket itself is embedded in the sides of the fabric of the shirt, for instance, where no other accessory is required to be worn on top of the shirt.

undercover clothes

These forms of concealed and undercover clothes totally help in keeping a low profile in a crowded area. One doesn’t want to attract attention since the key to be an effective security or body guard is to blend in with the general population. One doesn’t want to appear to have a gun on them since that could lead to some unfortunate occurrence. However, if retrieving a gun becomes necessary, it helps that it is rapidly accessible with a quick hand movement and reach of the arm. It’s not just tops that come with concealed and tight pockets for fire arms. There are also various shorts and even yoga pants where a gun can be hidden behind.