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Your Site, Your Name, Your Empire

Posted on February 19, 2018

A thriving small business will have to overcome various challenges to scale into a size with more than one location, where clients will be drawn to the brand and the service it provides.  While this can be relatively easy when a business starts out with just one location, having more locations requires a new approach beyond what the founding team of owners and managers can accomplish on their own. For this, having a website is crucial for the ongoing success and growth of a small business to that of a franchise. But this is no simple task. Building a site requires a whole new set of tools and know-how.

Build the Site

Establishing a website begins with coming up with a unique name and web address that anyone can type on to their web browser to find. Despite how advanced the internet is from its early iterations of the 90’s, it is still possible to come up with unique names.  One can simply make a list of desired names and check against a database of web domain names to see if it’s already taken. As soon as its discovered that a name is available, its important to secure it at that moment.

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Name Your Site

In addition to checking and securing a name for a website, cheap domain register services have more tools for clients to use when building that first site. From coding that’s already made to layouts and logo design, anything that can make a website stand out is there for one to use.

Creativity is the key to being unique amongst a growing competition of other business migrating towards the web. And as the mobile internet shows no signs of deceleration, its important that a website also be mobile-friendly when loading on a phone or tablet device. Its all about the user experience and that is a crucial element that cannot be